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St Bakhita Centre

St Bakhita Centre is a place for the community to come together to care for one another and find solutions to the many ongoing challenges of resettlement. 

Pastoral care and community outreach have been at the heart of the centre since its foundation. In the beginning, the focus was on supporting new arrivals. Nowadays, the community needs assistance overcoming the many layers of disadvantage it faces in finding employment, affordable housing and in developing written English and computer skills.


At St Bakhita's, pastoral care takes many forms. It involves assessing situations and referring families to the relevant services and agencies. Help is provided with financial budgeting and for those dealing with legal and immigration issues.

Visitation of the sick, dying and those in mourning is a key priority for the community, especially as family members back home in South Sudan are frequently suffering the consequences of the current conflict. Mothers of new babies are supported following a birth and with the care of other children. New spouses from South Sudan are welcomed into the community. 


Education is considered vital and students of all ages are encouraged to persevere with their studies. It is also important for the younger generation to engage in sporting activities and maintain their connection to their parents' language and culture.

Pastoral Care & Community Outreach

Click on the photos to meet two of our biggest supporters. 



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